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Its Origins

The Hotel Chaberton***
The Chaberton Hotel*** The hotel was built and established in 1914 in Cesana Torinese by the Audibert family who have run it for three generations. The Chaberton shares the same characteristics as the nature surrounding it and the spirit of the family owners, guaranteeing warm hospitality and continuous improvement — qualities loved by all of those who have stayed here.

Suitable for winter holidays, the Hotel Chaberton is in a very convenient location to reach any of the ski pistes in the Via Lattearesort. Guests can easily reach the ski lifts within a five-minute walk from the hotel or take advantage of the exclusive shuttle service. The Hotel Chaberton is not only great for winter holidays but also the ideal starting point during the other seasons for unforgettable cycling and motorcycle routes, both road and enduro.(info.cesana@turismotorino.org)

Only a few kilometres away from the hotel, you will find some of the most famous mountain passes which can be accessed through routes very popular among sports enthusiasts. Whether you love skiing, motorcycling, cycling, hiking, or simply just want to relax, you will find here the most suitable option to enjoy a pleasant stay. I am very pleased to welcome you to our home: you can start planning your stay now at the Hotel Chaberton by creating your personalised holiday directly here, choosing the services and packages which best suit you.

The origins of the hotel date back to 1914, when Cav. Soffietti Audibert decided to build a new facility at the foot of the mountain that gave it its name.

It was in the 1910s of the last century when skiing started to become the popular sport we know of it today. The upper Susa Valley was a popular destination among skiing enthusiasts and members of nobility. Prince Umberto of Savoy also stayed several times at the hotel which featured nine rooms, three lavatories and a bathtub. As well as a restaurant which has always had excellent reviews.

Over the years, the hotel added new rooms and facilities, always in line with the family’s commitment to offering only the best to its increasingly demanding and varied clientèle.

Today, the hotel still features some elements of the first establishment such as the balcony railings, the internal staircase and the bar with a 1930s ambiance.